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Filing a regular set of accounts with Companies House each year is a complex task.  Getting it right, alongside keeping proper books that accurately represent your finances, is vital to keeping your business healthy. It’s also easier said than done – which is why it makes complete sense that lots of business owners choose to outsource it to a dedicated accountant.

We offer a comprehensive bookkeeping and accounting service for limited companies and can take care of all statutory annual accounts in a friendly and efficient manner. For bookkeeping, we use cloud accounting to maintain your data via a platform of your choice (Xero, Quickbooks, FreeAgent). You’ll reap the benefits of a truly effective system designed to put you, as the business owner, in full control of your financial data. 

We’ll make sure your accounts are filed within 9 months of the financial year-end, and if you’re just starting out, we’ll get your first set done within the 21-month deadline. 

One of our qualified bookkeepers will look after the bookkeeping itself. It’s key for maintaining a smooth accounts process, as it’s essentially record-keeping from your day-to-day affairs. Organised books give you an indication of how your business is performing, and ultimately give you the information you need to make financial decisions. If done correctly, they’re the foundation for a really well-run business.


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“I have been a client of ABSL for many years and appreciate their friendliness and the quality of the whole team. I benefit from their detailed knowledge and fully trust in the services they provide. They have helped my business run efficiently with all my tax requirements, PAYE, pandemic assistance, and much more. Always keeping me up to date with what’s happening in this sector. I would highly recommend their team to anyone.”

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