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Every company has to submit a corporation tax return to HMRC every year, even if they’ve made no profit and there’s no tax to pay. Hitting that 12-month deadline is important if you don’t want to pay any penalties, but this is easier said than done. It’s a tricky process that requires an expert to get right, especially if you don’t want to be paying too much tax.

We’ve got the tools and skills to resolve your tax return with no extra hassle. We’ve done it for many companies over the years, taking care of the process from start to finish. Be it calculating profit and loss, filling the return itself, or working out what claim reliefs and allowances can be applied to reduce the liability, we’ll handle it. We also know what to say to HMRC, so you won’t have to worry about any follow-up questions.

Having your company tax planning sorted gives you the opportunity to explore different avenues for reducing your bill further. R&D tax credits, for example, are a great way to pump money back into your business, especially if you’re innovating within your field. Sometimes, this will reduce your tax bill by up to 33% – giving you some considerable finances to put into the company.


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“I have been a client of ABSL for many years and appreciate their friendliness and the quality of the whole team. I benefit from their detailed knowledge and fully trust in the services they provide. They have helped my business run efficiently with all my tax requirements, PAYE, pandemic assistance, and much more. Always keeping me up to date with what’s happening in this sector. I would highly recommend their team to anyone.”

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